Friday, July 31, 2015

Quilt Ambassador

My oldest sister Gwynn goes to Russia every summer, leading a study abroad as part of her work as a Clemson professor (details here). This summer she also had the privilege of representing the U.S. at the 90th anniversary of another camp, Artek. I made this table runner for her to present as the gift from the U.S. to Artek. Pretty cool! I made it with leftover blocks from a quilt shown in this post.

Here are a few older finishes I thought I'd share. Last year I made two baby quilts for a cousin's new baby and my boyfriend's new baby niece. They're made from 30's bow tie swap blocks and I think they turned out really sweet. I haven't been able to stop making these cute blocks, so I still have lots more of them. The second one was quilted by Dianne Dye in Roberta, GA.

These cute little animal blocks are a combination of two different swaps, and went to another of my boyfriend's nieces for her birthday.

Now for my most recent project. Earlier this summer I got my Grand Illusion (Bonnie Hunter's-2014-15 mystery quilt) quilt top finished and have started quilting it. 

So that will be the next finish up, hopefully before too much longer.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great quilts!!! I LOVE the Grand Illusion!! Are you quilting it yourself??

    1. Thanks, Frances! :) Yes, I'm quilting it myself.

  2. Nan, I LOVE your Grand Illusion quilt! Beautiful! Looks like thousands of pieces in that one.

    1. Thanks, Susan! I haven't counted pieces but there are quite a few! I'll get a better pic of it when it's finished, and let you count! lol