Friday, October 26, 2012

Christmas in October

I have a finish!  I'm not sure there's a better feeling in quilting than finishing.  Except of course, starting.  Which explains why I have so many UnFinished Objects! ;)  This is a UFO from last fall.  I didn't get it done in time for last Christmas, so it fell to the back burner.  It traveled with me to a few retreats, but had gradually made its way to the bottom of my "retreat bag".

This week I decided that I wanted to finish it.  When I pulled it out it wasn't as far along as I remembered. :(  But I spent my sewing time this week working on it and finished it Thursday night.  Bonnie's quilt cam coincided with the last of the machine applique (which I did through all three layers, so it would double as quilting) and the embellishment.  It's fun to sew along with her and other fans.

Here's the project, from Jingle All the Way by Nancy Halvorsen. This is after machine applique, before embellishment.

The pattern called for lots of jingle bells that I didn't have.  I also didn't have the right color green buttons for the hanging tabs at the top.  At first I thought I'd buy what I needed tomorrow.  Drat, I really wanted to finish this up!  So I scrounged around my junk, err, I mean "notions" shelf, and came up with these things:
The scallop border at the bottom was supposed to have five large red jingle bells, one for each scallop. Guess how many cute little bells are in that bag on the left?!?  Five! :)  Since I'm in the bell choir at church, I decided it would be perfect, and my song could be rung, not sung!  I used one of the tiny jingle bells for Santa's hat, and found almost all the buttons I'd need in the middle package.  A little more scrounging around for another holly berry looking button, and I was good to go!

All done!
Finally, here's a close-up of my favorite part.
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Some show & tell...

I've been busy sewing, and have some pics to share with y'all.

Most exciting is the progress made on my Minglewood BOM.  All the kits for the shop are now cut!  Here are 2/3 of the blocks put together!

I have four more blocks made, and four others cut and ready to sew.

Last week I got the binding tacked down on this cuddle quilt shop sample that I showed you recently:
A couple weeks ago I got this quilt top done. It's only fused now, but I'll machine applique through all three layers.  I think it's so stinkin' cute!  It's also a shop sample. (Notice a theme? lol)
It's called Baby Bunny's Bedtime and is from a really great book called Story Time by Kim Diehl. All the quilt designs tell a story for you to talk about with the child.  What's your favorite thing that Bunny is doing to get ready for bed?  I love the potty block! :)  The machine applique will be done after I quilt it, and the embellishment for the faces will be last.

Finally, I finished the Vintage Tin embroidery block I was working on a few weeks ago and have started the next one. Here's the finished one:
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still here!

Things have been so busy since we got home from vacation! And yes...I still promise to finish posting about vacation by telling you about Charleston, and one other stop we made.  Life has just rushed past and I haven't gotten to it yet.  Whenever I have a little free time, I've wanted to sew instead of sit at the computer. A post about that will be coming soon, too.

I had decided that even though our vacation wasn't until late September, it would be warm enough that I could still hold on to summer until after vacation.  And the weather was so beautiful in GA & SC that my plan worked out great.  Of course that meant that by the time we got back home, it was soon October and fall was in full swing.

This is a beautiful flaming red maple tree in our backyard, shortly after we got home.

And after some heavy rain and wind, here is the tree today. :(

Time flies...trite, but true.  It's still fall, and we're enjoying lots of fun fall activities like football, as well as a wonderful visit from my parents.  But before we know it, all the hardwoods will be bare like this one.  But this pic is deceiving.  Today it's 80 degrees!  A little taste of summer is back.  It will be winter all too soon, so I'm cherishing this unusually warm week in Oct!

Pics of my sewing progress and the rest of the vacation pics, soon.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sewing with Bonnie, update

I can't really call this post a "progress report". lol  This is where I was two weeks ago.  Since then I got the next two cut blocks prepared with interfacing and traced. Both blocks are now well traveled, having gone with me on vacation, but I'm afraid I didn't get any embroidery done until yesterday on the way home.  I decided to just enjoy the vacation and not worry about it.  The official commitment was for the month of Sept, but I'm going to keep going and I can make up for lost time this week. :)

So here's the stitching that I got done just before the trip and on the way home yesterday:
This is one of the license plate blocks for Vintage Tin. Eula at the shop drew a customized KS license plate to replace one of the license plates in the pattern.

How are you doing with one hour a day of hand work or other relaxing "me time"?  To check the progress of others sewing along with Bonnie, check here.

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