Monday, December 28, 2015

Allietare Mystery Progress: Steps 2 & 3!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate. I had a very nice time with family. And for those who know me in real life, I had some helpful conversations with friends and family, heard two sermons custom-tailored for me, and I'm doing alright.

Yesterday I got home and enjoyed spending most of the afternoon and evening with some serious quilting therapy on Bonnie Hunter's Allietare mystery! To see my colors and step 1, look here.

Check out what others have been getting up to on Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link-up here!

Here's step 2, which I finished a little while back, but hadn't taken the time to blog about. I also went ahead and redid my step 1 hst's that didn't have enough contrast.

When I was about halfway through step 3, I was getting bored with my neutrals already (yawn!) and realized I also wanted more variety in my lime greens (gold for Bonnie). Back to the stash I went, digging deeper and expanding my horizons. I wanted more prints to spice things up. Here's what I came up with to add to the mix:

This made me much happier. And yesterday I finished up step 3:

Step 4 is almost cut out. I just have some more hot pink (Bonnie's black) to finish cutting. I'm itching to start sewing on it! Mystery quilt time is so much fun. Thanks Bonnie! 

It's been rainy and unusually warm for awhile in Georgia. The poor trees are confused and think it's spring. Can you see the pink blossoms beside the Christmas decorations? I love spring in the South. I hope we'll still have a nice one!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!


  1. Love your Great, Happy Fabric Nan!

  2. Love the colors! Now that is really stepping out of the box.

  3. Very nice colors, looking forward to seeing it all together.

  4. Your new fabrics will really perk it up!! Cant wait to see it finished.

  5. Pretty fabrics! Yours should be a really sweet quilt.

  6. Great pink! :) I love seeing all the different ways that folks are doing this quilt. Happy New Year.